Another Scary Night in Carlow Gaol

You might wonder why we spend so much time in Carlow Shopping centre, site of the old gaol.  Our reasoning is quite simple – every time we go in there, we come back out more confused.

Our most recent visit a few weeks ago has been no different.  It’s taken a bit of time to review the data but there were a few occurrences we didn’t notice until reviewing.

First, there are two other clips of video.  Both are filmed in the dark so are hard to see.  This image is a photo in daylight, superimposed over a screenshot from the video, just to give you an idea of what is where:


You will notice anomalies in that, but it is purely the fact that one image has more things in it than the other (the Christmas decorations had been put up in the meantime).  In that photo though, you can clearly see the Peter Marks window, which is where you want to look at during these next two videos:

Did you see it? Have a look again. In the lit window to the left, there is a shadow which appears in both videos.

That’s not all.  At that particular time (specifically in the first video which was 3 or 4 mins before the second one) we were discussing the fact that one of us was presently having a personal experience. One of the two team members was certain that as she was looking at one of the upstairs windows, it seemed like it was ‘shimmering’ and moving about.  I was asking her about this.  If you watch the first clip again and follow the conversation, you’ll hear us talking, the female team member saying ‘Hmmm’, and then me asking a question. Before I start to talk, theres a voice or a whisper.  Right after that, the first shadow appeared.

Next there were lights as seen in these videos.  On initial reviewing, we though ‘car headlights’ and thought no more, except for an after thought of maybe doublechecking line of sight for car headlights next time we visited.  Heres those two videos:

UPDATE – Further research has shown the light seen in this is indeed car headlights, reflecting off other surfaces within the building.

Feel free to leave some comments here, on YouTube or on facebook and tell us what you think.  Did we capture something? Are we mistaken and could it be a rodent or some kind causing the shadow (personally, considering how well kept the centre is, I would very much doubt that scenario).  Still – it was strange and we’d like to know what you think.

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