Make Your Own EMF Reader

Here at LP, we’ve been looking at a few projects where we can learn to make our own equipment, specialised to our own needs. Here’s one that has certainly captured the imagination and is a great starting point. Try it yourself and tell us how you get on!

The Ghost Box De-Ghosted

Simon Novella from the Neurologica blog takes a critical look at the ‘ghost box’. “The subculture of pseudoscientific ghost hunting continues to evolve. Have you heard of a “ghost box?” It seems all you have to do is put the word “ghost” in front of something and it becomes technical jargon for ghost hunters, and […]

Proof Kilkenny Castle is haunted?

Taken from The Kilkenny People PROOF that there are spooks of some sort in Kilkenny Castle has come from an impeccable source (according to the Kilkenny People). An electronic counter in the Parade Tower has recorded visitors to the 13th century part of the fortress during the hours of darkness when the place is completely […]

Ireland: A hot spot for UFO sightings?

Taken from Paranormal Old Pueblo: “Last week, we received an email from Katie Hickey, the editor of Irish Central. She emailed Paranormal Old Pueblo to share some recent blog posts about UFO News in Ireland. One of the posts was about a UFO-shaped lenticular cloud that caused quite a stir among residents. Another post reported […]

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