New Book with GHI’s Barry Fitzgerald – Banshee

Banshee – Modern Encounters with the Banshee GET YOURS HERE!

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The Banshee, is she to be feared, loathed or is she simply misunderstood? Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain explore some of the history of this very famous entity of myth and legend to reveal things are not possibly what they seem.

They speak to people from all over the island of Ireland who have come face to face with this messenger of death and share their encounters. These encounters are not from the dark regions of Irish history but rather happened within the last 50 years.

‘The electric light killed the fairy’ was the old saying, but this is not exactly true. As they explore the nature and history of the Banshee within this publication it becomes apparent that she is not simply an element of our imagination, but rather an element of ancient Ireland which still walks among us today, right into our cities.

‘Banshee’ recounts these modern day encounters in the old style of Irish storytelling and delivers a book which will make you question your own beliefs and as the wind howls in the light of the full moon pray, that’s all you hear.

Modern Encounters with the Banshee

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