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LeinsterParanormal was formed in early 2004 by Cormac Strain – joined later in 2005 by Danny Carthy.  The first website (lprs.org) went live in December 2004 and we’ve been online ever since.  Danny retired from paranormal research in 2011.

It’s Common Sense, not Science” is LeinsterParanormal’s general outlook when it comes to studying the more fortean side of life.  Yes we believe science holds many of the answers but we have yet to find the proper scientific way to research the paranormal and other related strangeness.  In general, common sense is probably one of the easiest ways to navigate ones way through this kind of research.

LeinsterParanormal would generally class themselves as sceptical (skeptical), though not cynical in their outlook towards research into the stranger realms of reality.

Right now, this very second, you should

… to better understand the kind of strangeness we’ve already been dealing with.  Shaking cameras, unexplained sounds of people and something calling out names … it’s all there. There is definitely something out there – that we’d bet on.  There are certainly things that happen that can’t always be easily explained.  The jury is just out on exactly what causes them.

As a team LeinsterParanormal are always available to assist those who feel they are experiencing some form of paranormal activity.  We also spend quite a bit of time collecting our own information and data on the general subject, so if you believe we can help you solve some form of fortean issue, or if you can enable us to further our search for new data, please do contact us.

In 2011, The History Press Ireland published Haunted Carlow – the towns first ghost story book, written by Danny and Cormac.   Cormac has also since published Haunted Kilkenny and Haunted Tyrone as well as Banshee and The Legend Seekers Vol 1 with well known paranormal  researcher Barry Fitzgerald from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters International fame.

More information and links at CormacsBooks.com

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