Is Carlow Shopping Centre Haunted ?

From our ongoing research into the freaky side of Carlow Shopping Centre (the site of the old Gaol), we’ve recorded quite a few strange bits and bobs.

This is probably one of the best captures to date, recorded in the Cafe in the Centre and sounds very much like plates moving

A flash of light in the unoccupied upstairs area of Carlow Shopping Centre

When initially reviewing this video, we assumed this was a flashlight.   This is upstairs with the only windows to the outside in view.  As you can see, the light appears to flash on the same wall as the windows – which would rule out light from outside (bar some kind of reflection).  In hours and hours of footage, this only happened once, which would suggest it isn’t a reflection (as that should then occur more often).  The only other windows are about 35 feet away on the opposite wall so we assumed it might have been our flashlights when we were downstairs.  We tested (and tested again) that theory but we could not ever get any light to show on our test videos.  it just didn’t reach the other wall and in fact didn’t even shine far enough in for the camera to detect at all.  Since we were shining our flashlights from downstairs, we were probably lighting up the ceiling off camera.  As always – we can’t say any of this is paranormal.  We can only point out what we’ve found it couldn’t be.

The sound of someone whistling

There were three people present, none of whom had whistled

Some sort of laugh
You’ll need to listen carefully.  It comes in after the word ‘…and’. At the very beginning you hear a woman talk – she was one of the three people present.  Quite similar to the laugh we captured a few years ago

High pitched laughter
You’ll hear a woman yelling, and a man chuckling.  They are real people who were there.  Its the high pitched laughing that you want to listen out for

The sound of something falling
A team of investigators where in the actual area the sound came from and couldn’t locate the source.  Something similar was heard on two other occasions and seems to originate from the Cafe, which is locked up after hours

The sound of something falling again
The interesting aspect here is that this sound happened after one of the team of three announced she had to leave for a prior appointment, and expressed disappointment nothing had happened.  Immediately after she said this, this sound occurred.  A few weeks later – with a two man team – at the end of the night after discussing the previous experience the question was asked that if there was ‘something’ there, was it listening in and making noises to gain our attention.  As soon as that was said, the same noise occured again – still coming from inside the locked Cafe.  Unfortunately all our recorders had been packed away at that stage.

Various tapping sounds
The source of which we tried over four nights to locate and couldn’t.  This is three clips added together.  In the first you hear just tapping.    In the next two you will also hear the investigators who were present at the time.

Door slam
This was recorded upstairs where the gym used to be (now a completely cleared out empty space.  All investigators were downstairs and not anywhere near this area.  Its either a door slam (and a sound none of the doors upstairs makes) or something heavy falling.  Quite similar but not as loud as this other door slam sound we recorded a few years ago.

We also have this video from the same location.

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