UFOs are real it seems – but does that mean Aliens are too?

Though a lot of this is going under the radar (pardon the pun), the US Defence Department and the Navy have been signalling that Unidentified Flying Objects are real and that they don’t know what they are. Read more below: Navy’s Top Officer Says ‘Drones’ That Swarmed Destroyers Remain Unidentified Defense Department confirms leaked video […]

Another Scary Night in Carlow Gaol

You might wonder why we spend so much time in Carlow Shopping centre, site of the old gaol.  Our reasoning is quite simple – every time we go in there, we come back out more confused. Our most recent visit a few weeks ago has been no different.  It’s taken a bit of time to […]

Is Carlow Shopping Centre Haunted ?

From our ongoing research into the freaky side of Carlow Shopping Centre (the site of the old Gaol), we’ve recorded quite a few strange bits and bobs. This is probably one of the best captures to date, recorded in the Cafe in the Centre and sounds very much like plates moving A flash of light […]

Scientific evidence of poltergeist knocking?

Taken from the Society for Psychical Research website.  Copyright respected. Paranormal rappings associated with apparent poltergeist activity have been described for many hundreds of years. It is only now that an interesting pattern has been discovered within the fine detail of the paranormal rapping sounds. No explanation can be found for this pattern at present. The current […]

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