Make your own datalogger

Its never made sense to us here at LeinsterParanormal, why one would run about with an EMF meter and not keep a log of the data it records.  How else can you tell what is normal for the site under investigation?  And yes … it would mean running hours of datalogging before hand just to get a lie of the land.

Still though … imagine running an RF sensor and then picking up an apparent EVP.  At least you could check the data and see if there was a radio signal present at the time.  So, it’s in this vein that LeinsterParanormal are looking at making our own datalogging sensor array covering the EM, ELF and RF fields.

Our plan has a few parts … one is the datalogger and one is the sensor array.  If you are interested, take a peek at this to give you an idea.

The inspiration comes from the amazing David Rountree, specifically his Medium Experiment which we think is a whole new way of looking at paranormal research.

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