Camera Moving on its own?

Taken on a recent research trip for Haunted Laois this is 17 mins from a camera, compressed into 80 secs. IGNORE THE FLASH AT 33 SECs – that is the downstairs light being turned on briefly. These are very slight changes in the camera’s position over a lengthy period of time. The camera is on […]

New Book – Haunted Tyrone!

“From bumps in the night to poltergeist farms, this is a book that will take the reader into the chill of the night across the beautiful county of Tyrone. On the way you will meet a lady who reputedly haunts a locked room in Knocknamoe Castle Hotel in Omagh, the ghost of Philly’s Phinest and […]

New Book with GHI’s Barry Fitzgerald – Banshee

Banshee – Modern Encounters with the Banshee GET YOURS HERE! You can find all the details and purchase links at Cormac’s Books The Banshee, is she to be feared, loathed or is she simply misunderstood? Barry Fitzgerald and Cormac Strain explore some of the history of this very famous entity of myth and legend to reveal […]

Haunted Kilkenny is in the shops!

Not only is Haunted Kilkenny in the shops, its also in places like Easons, Irish Books Direct, Ebay, History Press and many other places online. This time round, we have an e-book option! Choose one of your favourite e-book distro services below and look up ‘Haunted Kilkenny’! Heres a list of the e-book outlets Haunted […]

Make your own datalogger

Its never made sense to us here at LeinsterParanormal, why one would run about with an EMF meter and not keep a log of the data it records.  How else can you tell what is normal for the site under investigation?  And yes … it would mean running hours of datalogging before hand just to […]

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