Irishman died from spontaneous human combustion, inquest finds

“Dr McLoughlin said: “This fire was thoroughly investigated and I’m left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation.” Full info at

Ireland: A hot spot for UFO sightings?

Taken from Paranormal Old Pueblo: “Last week, we received an email from Katie Hickey, the editor of Irish Central. She emailed Paranormal Old Pueblo to share some recent blog posts about UFO News in Ireland. One of the posts was about a UFO-shaped lenticular cloud that caused quite a stir among residents. Another post reported […]

Psychologists Explain Ghost Sightings After Chilean Earthquake

Taken from that excellent paranormal site Ghost Theory Citizens in Constitucion, Chile. have been reporting strange shadows and disembodied screams and cries throughout the nights near the devastated areas of the city. When a dozen people were camping near Orrego Island were killed by the tsunami that followed the earthquake, strange reports of “shadows [crossing] […]

Paranormal Investigating Equipment 101

Written By: Noah Voss – Taken From: Paranormal News Not ghost detectors. We’ll save the fact that: #1. Ghosts have not been universally agreed upon in definition—ever. #2. No one has ever discovered a scientific piece of equipment that can quantifiably detect ghosts (see #1). We’ll be saving the above two painfully obvious facts and […]

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