There are only a few of the video clips we have found interesting during our reseach. Check out our YouTube page for more

Unexplained Camera Movements

This is 17 mins from a camera, compressed into 80 secs.  IGNORE THE FLASH AT 33 SECs – that is the downstairs light being turned on briefly.   These are very slight changes in the camera’s position over a lengthy period of time. The camera is on a flat surface, away from anything that could move it and – as far as we can see anyway – shouldn’t really have been moving in any way at all.  Suggestions welcome.

Have a watch, but more importantly listen.

Have a watch, but more importantly listen. Ignore the voices you hear coming from upstairs – though its usually after the people talking upstairs can be heard, that we can hear something else.

Sounds from a locked up Supermarket 

The main points to note are that, after checking with the supermarket management, we found there was no-one on the premises at that time. Plus the music system is manually operated and either on or off. We have no idea how the sound of people can be heard either.

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